Alex Hern is a great businessman that has been studying virtual reality for years as it has always had a place in the workplace and has always been around just not to the degree that most people think of. When most people think about virtual reality, they don’t think of the workplace at all because science fiction stuff comes to mind.

But augmented virtual reality is what people would see in simulations and training exercises that have been used heavily in many industries all over the business world for decades. Now that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace immersive virtual reality is somewhat possible with the gaming headsets that people are obsessed with.

But the gaming headsets don’t have to be for games as people can communicate with them as if they sitting in the room together. This means that companies could use it to talk with customers in a unique communication way that they would be better be able to listen and have a one on one conversation to help the customer fix the problem that they have. But it also means that companies would need to travel less as they can communicate and have the same experiences from the home office.