Betsy is known for her passion to ensure that everything that acts a barrier to thriving is removed from the way. She possesses great leadership skills in politics, education and in business. Betsy has been active in politics for more than 35 years. The Michigan Republican Party elected her four times as chairman. As a politician, education advancement is her greatest focus today. Before Betsy ventured into politics, she was former chairman of the Windquest Group. The firm is based in Michigan and contains a diversified portfolio. Betsy is focused on bringing positive change and especially in places it has not been considered.


Betsy’s Philanthropic Work

Betsy Devos is a woman who is all rounded. She is into politics and has great leadership skills. Due to this qualities, she has been trusted in all placements she has had. True to this, she has not disappointed in any of the roles that have been assigned to her. Her great skills have instilled in her the desire to reach out. She has focused so much on better education. This is because of the motto she has had at the beginning. Removing any barrier that causes one to thrive. At the Republican Party, Betsy is known for her support in the school choice and school voucher programs.


These programs aim at helping students choose the best schools to pursue their passions from. The program also entails recognizing these that do well in these schools. Betsy is also a member of the board of the Foundation For Excellence in Education. In this program, Betsy felt that all children mattered. There was no particular child who was meant to be out of school.


Betsy and her husband Dick also have a family foundation that’s aimed at reaching out. The foundation was founded in 1989. It is based on faith and Christian values. The main areas these foundation concentrates on are community, education, arts, justice and leadership. The foundation of the Devos has made huge donations to churches and to schools, where the donations come from the funds they receive.


Betsy’s focus has had nothing to do with money. She feels that giving back and eliminating wrong will be a way to grow God’s kingdom, as it will help instill more Christian and Godly values in the society. In 2004, Betsy was appointed by President Bush of the United States to be in the Board of Directors. She served this position at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, where she and her husband helped grow the talent of art.


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