Philanthropy through Christian Values practiced by Betsy Devos

Betsy is known for her passion to ensure that everything that acts a barrier to thriving is removed from the way. She possesses great leadership skills in politics, education and in business. Betsy has been active in politics for more than 35 years. The Michigan Republican Party elected her four times as chairman. As a politician, education advancement is her greatest focus today. Before Betsy ventured into politics, she was former chairman of the Windquest Group. The firm is based in Michigan and contains a diversified portfolio. Betsy is focused on bringing positive change and especially in places it has not been considered.


Betsy’s Philanthropic Work

Betsy Devos is a woman who is all rounded. She is into politics and has great leadership skills. Due to this qualities, she has been trusted in all placements she has had. True to this, she has not disappointed in any of the roles that have been assigned to her. Her great skills have instilled in her the desire to reach out. She has focused so much on better education. This is because of the motto she has had at the beginning. Removing any barrier that causes one to thrive. At the Republican Party, Betsy is known for her support in the school choice and school voucher programs.


These programs aim at helping students choose the best schools to pursue their passions from. The program also entails recognizing these that do well in these schools. Betsy is also a member of the board of the Foundation For Excellence in Education. In this program, Betsy felt that all children mattered. There was no particular child who was meant to be out of school.


Betsy and her husband Dick also have a family foundation that’s aimed at reaching out. The foundation was founded in 1989. It is based on faith and Christian values. The main areas these foundation concentrates on are community, education, arts, justice and leadership. The foundation of the Devos has made huge donations to churches and to schools, where the donations come from the funds they receive.


Betsy’s focus has had nothing to do with money. She feels that giving back and eliminating wrong will be a way to grow God’s kingdom, as it will help instill more Christian and Godly values in the society. In 2004, Betsy was appointed by President Bush of the United States to be in the Board of Directors. She served this position at the Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts, where she and her husband helped grow the talent of art.


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Fabletics Personalized Shopping Experience Now Affordable for All

Fabletics is a highly reputed athleisure brand that has been taking over the fitness wear industry by storm since its inception in 2013. The company has even challenged big brands like Amazon due to its rapidly increasing sales and popularity. Fabletics has become a global phenomenon in the athleisure wear, especially after Kate Hudson got associated with the brand. The primary reason why Fabletics grew as fast as it did was that the company focused primarily on what the customers wanted and gave them exactly just that. At the time when Fabletics entered the fitness wear industry for women, many brands already existed. However, there were only a few brands that provided quality products, and it cost customers a fortune.


Fabletics started with the aim to provide the users with the fitness wear and athleisure wear at an economical price. And, while keeping the cost low was one of the goals of Fabletics, the company didn’t compromise on the quality of its products or the designs. Fabletics has an annual sales figure of over $250 million with the number increasing each year rapidly. Fabletics has been able to successfully become a brand that is well-known among the women leading an active lifestyle or aspires to have a healthy regime. The trend of comfortable clothing is fast catching up among the men and women today who are not only fashion conscious, but also health and body conscious. Fabletics understands the power of social media and reviews given online, and thus, looks closely online to see what the customers are talking about and how to improve the quality of products and services offered. It has helped the company to be able to provide precisely what the customers need.


The association of Kate Hudson with Fabletics as a co-owner has also helped the company to get a direction they needed to make its name accessible in the market. She is considered to be a fitness diva and has a huge fan following across the globe. Her association with the company has helped Fabletics make a name for itself in the industry that is expected to grow to over $80 billion in the next decade or so. Kate Hudson is involved in all the internal departments of the company and uses technology as well as customers’ reviews into the account to build a product range that would be accepted by the company’s customers. Kate Hudson is known to be a role model to hundreds and thousands of women due to her fame, popularity, well-toned body, fitness regime she follows, and the active lifestyle she leads. She has inspired many women through Fabletics to aspire to lead a healthy lifestyle and get back in shape.


Fabletics uses the power of technology as well as customers’ feedback in a very strong manner to craft business strategies that would surely take the business to another level. People who are new to Fabletics should not forget to take the Lifestyle Quiz at the company’s official website to understand how Fabletics offers personalized shopping experience.

Marc Sparks Success

Marc Sparks is a known professional who has made name himself in all the parts of the world due to the business that he has developed. As a prosperous businessman, he also has helped other entrepreneurs to achieve their goals in establishing their businesses also and be successful. He got a diploma in high school but that did not stop him from achieving his goals and showed many people how wrong they were when they said that he won’t make it in life. Through his commitment that he always shows when he works enabled him also to be successful. Through venturing in the capital is the main section that he mainly deals with hence he is able to assist other top organization too. Timber Creek Capital LP is an organization that Marc Sparks is the CEO and the Founder and he as well specializes in telecommunication and his main objectives is to begin a business and they become a success some of them include Blue Jay Wireless, Splash Media, and Cardinal Telecom.


Apart from doing business he as well is a philanthropist who has helped the society and has changed also of people lives. he is a part of numerous centers in the society and he also funds them through supplying of laptops to the American Can. Samaritan Inn is one of the centers that he is involved in since the year 1980 and also has he established lower prices home at Habitat.


Through his commitment, he enabled Timber Creek Capital to be a prosperous organization and be known all over the world. The main goals of the organization are to help upcoming entrepreneurs in directing them in the better ways that will enable them to achieve what they want in business. Those upcoming young businessmen that have good methods the organization provide them with enough capital in order for them to work on their ideas and be successful. Timber Creek Capital also allow the staff members and other entrepreneurs to develop their knowledge and also the other services that the organization offers are networking, banking, customer service, office space, professionalism, and capital.


Marc Sparks is an individual who always motivates his staff member through always telling them to always not believe in failing. Through these, he also writes books and also is writing a book named ‘They Can’t Eat You’ whereby it on the process of being finished. The reason behind the writing of the book is to show and encourage business people through showing them on how he started and became successful and furthermore, he also tells them on how to overcome challenges. Marc Sparks also tells people that one must not have University degree in order for them to become successful in business the essentials thing is working hard. Learn more:


IDLife Is Changing Lives Through Their Health Products

IDLife is a personalized nutrition and supplement company that has a the goal of helping people to be the best version of themselves. Focusing on the idea that no two people are alike when it comes to their nutritional needs, IDLife assesses individual’s personal health and then recommends supplements that are a match for their particular needs. Their nutritional products are made with top-quality ingredients, and no fillers or unnecessary additives are used in them. This means that they are non GMO, gluten free, soy free, and hormone free.

IDLife Shakes are one of their top products, and these have been designed to provide people’s body with protein and metabolism boosting powers to help them live their life more fully and with energy. They offer a shake that is loaded with grass fed, cold filtered, whey protein micro-chilled chia seeds, and they offer a vegan shake that is loaded with vegetable and fruits and other super foods, such as, flax, quinoa, chia seeds. The protein inside of the vegan shake comes from the super foods plus brown rice, peas and hemp.

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Another one of IDLife’s nutritional products are its healthy bars. These include a protein bar that is loaded with a mix of kosher; non GMO; gluten free; superfoods, a snack bar that includes raspberries; almonds; cocoa; and Himalayan pink salt, and a vegetarian friendly kids bar that contains 10 grams of protein; pumpkin seeds; a mushroom blend; banana; and much more. Every bar is under 200 calories yet loaded with plenty of protein and other nutritional foods to help people thrive in their life.

IDLife also offers an “Experience” pack, which gives people nutritional supplements that will last throughout their entire day. Included in the pack is a morning pack that includes an IDLife shake and an IDNutrition Morning vitamin pack, an afternoon pack that consists of an IDLife Hydrate supplement; which replenishes electrolytes and nutrients, and an evening pack that includes an IDNutrition evening vitamin pack and an IDLife Sleep Strip to help people get to bed and get the rest they need.

IDLife is looking to change the way that people get their nutrition, and in the process they hope to make the world a much better place for the individuals who live in it.

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